Toni Monte and "Project Management Framework"

Last Wednesday I asked Toni Monte, a very friend of mine, to participate at one University lesson, into the subject "Project and Information Systems Planification and Management".

Toni has a degree in Telecomunications Engineering for the UPC and is Master in Project Management for the La Salle.

He presented the Neoris Framework, a set of the process modeling, documents and best practices that this company defined for some of their main processess or activities, like Software Development or Project Management.

He showed the students how this company prepared all this work, the main activities they did and how it was disseminated and adopted by all the people at the organization.

This work spent one year of several people of the organization for the first version of this framework, and more than one year to prepare the second one.
At this moment, Toni is the Responsible for the development of the different versions of Upcplus.com (www.upcplus.com), an elearning and collaboration platform, that is beeing used by some companies in Spain and SouthAmerica.

Before of this, Toni was Project Manager and several companies (Software Engineering, IT Consultancy,...).

This presentation was a very good way to show the student how a company applied all the concepts and processes we are studing at class.

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