10 Core Capabilities of a Next Generation Project Manager

From the article, published in www.cio.com: http://www.cio.com/article/505594/The_10_Key_Capabilities_of_Next_Generation_Project_Managers?page=1


(List developed by Forrester Research)

1. Emotional Intelligence: The ability to pick up on events and interactions (both verbal and non-verbal) and to process those inputs in the context of the project plan.
2. Adaptive Communication: The ability to articulate one's ideas—whether orally or in writing—to a range of individuals, groups and cultures using the most effective communication techniques for each group.

3. People Skills: The ability to quickly build and maintain positive relationships with team-members and stakeholders.

4. Management Skills: The ability to serve, motivate and focus a team and to foster collaboration among team members.

5. Flexibility: The willingness and ability to change one's approach to project management and/or course of action in response to business needs.

6. Business Savvy: Knowledge of the organization's business, strategy and industry. Ability to understand a strategy and align tactical work around that strategy.

7. Analytical Skills: The ability to think through problems and decisions.

8. Customer Focus: The ability to understand the end-user or end customer's needs and the drive to ensure that projects meet those needs.

9. Results-Orientation: The ability to get things done efficiently and effectively.

10. Character: The project manager should have an appealing personality and a strong moral and ethical character.

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