From Microsoft Project Momentum 2010 (1st Day–Nov’17): Customer Experience of VOLVO using EPM

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As I published in my previous post, I’m attending the Microsoft Project Momentum 2010, in Barcelona, representing the Microsoft Innovation Center – MIC Productivity (www.MICProductivity.com).

Microsoft Office Project 2010

During this afternoon there were two parallel track of sessions. One technical and a second one (business track), with some presentations of experiences from different customers are using EPM.

I want to share with you some notes I took.from the Experience of VOLVO using EPM, presented by Stephane Perrin

  • 2.300 users
  • Volvo PPMR processes
    • Project Management: “Information System Global Development Process”
      • Create the project using templates to support the project life cycle
    • Time & Cost Management
      • Transfer to SAP
    • Resource Management
      • Staffing
      • Capacity Planning (workflow between Resource Manager, Account Manager and Project Manager)
      • Resource request customization
    • Project Dashboard
      • Project reports (from project manager, team members, customers, owner organization, program manager,…)
    • Portfolio Management
      • Operation Management
      • Strategic Management
  • 14 instances of EPM (one for each business unit – ‘internal client’
    • 5 of EPM 2003
    • 7 of EPM 2007
    • 2 of EPM 200
  • Features
    • Scheduling
    • Resource Management
    • Cost Management
    • Dashboard
    • Time Tracking
    • Document, Risk, Issue management
    • Portfolio Management (with pilots)
  • Some benefits (why EPM?)
    • Reduce non value added activities
      ”Going from a company project manager role recognized by collecting and administering data to a role leading project members, perform analysis and make wise decisions”
    • Achieve project information reliability
    • Apply ‘true’ global project management
      ”… facilitating collaboration from a multi-site team point of view…”
    • Secure project investments
      ”… going to a project situation where monitoring and project follow-up is a natural part for the company to conciously reason about, prioritize…”

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