Planning of Information Systems: Metrica methodology

Today, at University (www.fib.upc.edu), in the ‘Planning and Management Projects and Information Systems ‘, the session covered ‘how to plan’ the information systems of an organization.

As a example of methodology, we used ‘Metrica’, proposed by the ‘Public Administrations Ministery’ of Spanish Government.
You can access to this methodology in the following url: http://www.csi.map.es/csi/metrica3/index.html

Metrica proposes a methodology to plan, develop and maintain Information Systems (IS) and include 3 main phases: Information Systems Planning (ISP), Information Systems Development (ISD) and Information Systems Maintenance (ISM).


Second phase (ISD) is divided into 5 stages:

  • Study of feasibility
  • IS Analysis
  • IS Design
  • IS Constructio
  • Implementation and acceptance of IS

I want to share with you, this methdology I consider very useful and complete. Metrica proposes us all the aspects of a ‘life cycle’ project methodology: processes, roles, deliverables and techniques.

I we enter into “Information Systems Planning (ISP)” we’ll find the 9 processes in order to analyze and define the conceptual information model of the organization. The final result of this plan is a list of IT projects we have to implement in our company and a calendar of implementation.


I’ve been using this methodology in different customers and I recommend it to you  if you’re looking a framework to analyze and plan the IS of your company.

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