The four generations at (Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y)

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I recommend you to download and read the document “Gen Y  At Work. A profile”, from Kelly Services: The Future of IT Careers: Generation Y

It is a very recommendable reading about the four different generations of workers that are in our companies and in-depth analysis of new workers (Gen Y).

They present not only the main characteristics of Gen Y workers, but also they include the comparison between different gen in several aspects.


And I want to highlight 3 aspects:

  • Workplace Flexibility: Gen Y also desire a sense of community at work; teamwork and collaboration come naturally to them. Gen Y value control over their time and a flexible work environment that allows for work-life balance. Workplace flexibility not only means “when” but “where”.
  • Technology-enabled: Furthermore, technology has enabled work to be done anywhere and anytime. Email and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) are two aspects of technology that have created such convenience. When at it, they value getting the job done well and efficiently.
  • Relationship-based: Other than work, they also like to make friends. Embracing the power of computers and wireless technology, neither the traditional 9 am to 5 pm working hours nor being bound to an office location carry meaning for Gen Y; they simply don’t believe that all work needs to be performed in the office. More than any other generation, Gen Y place a high ranking on interpersonal relationships at work and the vast majority want co-workers “who make work fun”.

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