Resources about Change Management

One of the aspects I always cover in my classes of Project Management and Information Systems at University (www.eug.es) and Business School (www.eada.edu) is “how to manage the organization change” due to the implementation of a new technology and how to consider this tasks into the project management processes.

One of my references, in this aspect, are the material of John P. Kotter.

I suppose most of you know him, but I wanted to recommend you some books and articles of professor Kotter I consider very interesting and useful

Leading Change

The heart of change

A sense of urgency

Our iceberg is melting

They are, also, one of the inspiration sources we use at MIC Productivity (www.micproductivity.com) innovation center to deliver our service of Change Management related to IT implementation projects.

You can access, also to his official website (www.kotterinternational.com) where you will find information about these materials and resources and, of course, about, his methodology and good practices in “oganizational change management” as for example the “8 steps for leading change” (http://www.kotterinternational.com/kotterprinciples/ChangeSteps.aspx)

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