Wikis and blogs in project management (by Tim Duckett)

(Publicat al meu blog professional el 3 de gener de 2010)

Looking for material for my phd research about the “use of web 2.0 tools in project management”, I’ve found two very interesting and specific posts in the Tim Duckett’s blog (www.adoptioncurve.net), covering the use of wikis and blogs for project management:

“Four ways to use wikis for project management” (http://www.adoptioncurve.net/archives/2005/01/four_ways_to_use_wikis_fo.php):

  • Planning meeting agendas
  • Real-time minute taking
  • Brainstorming presentations
  • Keep documents up-to-date

“Ten ways to use blogs for managing projects” (http://www.adoptioncurve.net/archives/2005/01/10_ways_to_use_blogs_for_.php)

  • Communicating with project stakeholders
  • Replacing paper
  • Building issue logs
  • Capturing information snippets
  • Publicising the project progress
  • Reducing email overload
  • Circulation screenshots
  • Keeping team members up-to-date
  • Provide an automatic audit trail

Tim proposes, in a third post,(http://www.adoptioncurve.net/archives/2005/02/using-weblogs-to-manage-project-change.php) how to use blogs to manage project change.

I’m sure they will be of your interest.

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