“10 things that define a true professional”

I discovered, through a ‘tweet’ (in twitter) the article “10 things that define a true professional”, published by TechRepublic in july, 2010: http://whitepapers.zdnet.com/thankyou.aspx?&promo=508&tag=nl.e508&docid=1913029&view=1913029&load=1&load=1&authId=vs3wvarahW+g7JcRW1osaIreXlmBOKGSXaUhg9ytHJjPEFEE0xovTMK300PwG+GH

Author (Alan Norton) identifies 10 atributes/actitudes that a good professional should have:

  1. Put customer satisfaction first
  2. Make expertise your specialty
  3. Do more than expected
  4. Do what you say and what you can do
  5. Communicate effectively
  6. Follow exceptional guiding principles
  7. Praise your peers not yourself
  8. Share your knowledge
  9. Say thank you
  10. Keep a smile on your face and the right attitude in your heart

I’m sure you will enjoy its reading.

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