Project Management: Presentations

(published in my blog: www.pgpsi.com)

During last yeas, I’ve been participating in different events, workshops and presentations around “Project Management”, as Associate Professor at University (www.fib.upc.edu, www.eug.es) o at the Business School EADA (www.eada.edu) or as a Business Productivity Advisor, in the Microsoft Innovation Center – Productivity Center (www.productivitycenter.org).

Most of this material is published, and share, at slideshare (www.slideshare.net/rcostawww.slideshare.net/MICProductivity)

I have selected 5 of them to publish in this blog.

Two of them are in catalan

The rest of them are written in ‘spanish’

I also invite you to visit these two other blogs (www.ramoncosta.cat and www.gestionproyectostic.com), where you could find a lot of different presentations from my collegues and people who participated, too, in this events:

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