The human side of IT (Change Management)

CIO’s role, change management, IT implementation,…

I recommend you this article from “Kotter International” (www.kotterinternational.com) writen by Kathy Gersch, Executive Vice President, who discusses about “the human side of IT”

I want to highligt two sentences as example.

  • “…The CIO's role is less about the software, the servers, the networking tools and the IT infrastructure than it is about business strategy execution and leadership skills. It's also those skills - not technical knowledge - that are most crucial during a large-scale technology implementation like an ERP software upgrade or a sales funnel tracking system overhaul….”
  • “…change is not about the technology, but about what that technology can help the company and its employees accomplish…”

And here you have the link to the webpage: http://view.exacttarget.com/?j=fe5a15797160067f7d13&m=fec116717c620d7e&ls=fdee1c7072610d7574167777&l=fe8d17757062027c7d&s=fe1e1573716c0d75751379&jb=ffcf14&ju=fe3817737164027c751773&r=0#story1

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