Project Management Framework (model, templates, examples)

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When you are implementing a project management system in your organization or you want to improve your methodology, it is very useful to have different examples and templates of forms (project charta, management plan, communications plan,…).

There are some interesting resources in internet, but I want to recommend to visit this website: http://isb.wa.gov/pmframework

It corresponds to the Information Services Board of The Seal of the State of Washington. There, you will find its Project Management Framework.

But, also, you will find a lot of differents templates and examples, corresponding to the Initiation (http://isb.wa.gov/pmframework/introduction.aspx), Planning (http://isb.wa.gov/pmframework/introduction.aspx#planning), Execution (Execution Introduction), Closure (Project Closure Introduction) and Manteinance & Operations (Planning) stages:

  • Initiation
  • - Pre Charter
  • - Charter
  • - Project Organization
  • - Planning
  • Execution
  • Closure
  • Maintenance & Operation

    And three very useful links:

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